We want this to be a twenty first century blog about our site: the allotments we are all very proud of.
We owe a great deal to those who have gone before us, in the shape of the first plot holders, whose lives would have been very different from ours,
to everyone who kept the allotments going since they were first given to the inhabitants of Cheslyn Hay, back in 1892 and to those who are brave – or foolish – enough to have ago today, when we have over a hundred plots, and five raised beds, a whole host of events and a value-for-money shop.
We want the blog to represent both history, the present and our continuing adventures.
We want you to join the community, whether you are geographically near at hand or further away.
Welcome to Cheslyn Hay Community Allotments.


One thought on “About

  1. Are you going to put up photos of the individual allotments + what people are growing because I am always eager to learn new things from others. You have a great start and your blog is looking nice. I will be stopping by to see what you are all growing in England! We are under snow, below freezing and wind chills in the negatives for months. Shoot a few weeks ago it as in the 30’s for a few days and we thought it was summer-lol.Our spring is 4 weeks away + I have cole crops to go out to harden off. We start our food production inside ( under lights) for succession planting. We practice intensive on our small lot in the city to increase production. I have often thought about belonging to a community garden here, but we use biointensive, succession + vertical which gives us more space to grow. You might find this video interesting from USA California. It is an urban movement here in the city growing food. Great video

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