Gardens and History Walk: Sunday, 11th May




If you have ever wondered about the history

of our own allotment site,

of Cheslyn Hay,

of the characters that lived in and around the area,

local industry,

the effects of the World Wars on village life ….

… or where all the other allotments actually were and what happened to them …

Come and join us on a local walk:





bring your questions,
bring your answers,
bring your own local knowledge.

(We will be passing local gardens too, so keep an eye out for good ideas.)

All welcome.

*assisted by our good friends Cheslyn Hay Local History Society.




This one is also on

but seemed to fit this site too.



I may be a spider-bitten, better drawn character

In a different-hour, other-hero world

Who’ll leave his loved one’s near- seduction-moment chamber

To ensure the dastardly scheme’s never fully unfurled.


But, when I’m holding this brass-padlock key

I’m on the allotment; it’s time for me

For once in life I keep up with the plot

Please give me one chance to enjoy this lot.


I may be a social-miracle worker,

The patience of Job, all hours of the clock

Have the spark energy and thick skin of elite berserker

Be someone capable of shrugging off shock.


But be aware that inside these gates

I’ve paid my annual have-privacy fee

I don’t need to know what’s on your slates

For while I’m holding the line I’m free.


Yesterday,perhaps I had the strength of Samson,

The tricks of Merlin, the grace of a leopard

Tomorrow maybe I’ll have the skills of Shakespeare

The attitude of a Pele, be a cool, monetary wizard.


But, right now, wearing these wrecked-knee jeans

And completely understanding what’s going on with the plot

You need to understand what the Yoda phrase means:

Disturbed, do I want to be ? Not!

Shop: Latest Bargains

Spring: the days are getting longer, the sun is shining and the site-shop is getting busy again – it’s that time of year.


If you need reminding, our price list (of top quality items) is here:

We believe that these prices represent very real value which we pass on to our members and cottage gardeners.

But, as always we are ready to listen and follow up suggestions of different items. Members attending the October A.G.M. are asked via a questionnaire if they would like to see anything new stocked in the shop.

We do listen!

Below is a list of the latest “new-stock” items and prices:

Slug Clear       (250 ml.) £5.50

Perlka            (1 kg)       £2.50

Rootgrow      £1.75

Gloves            £2 for 2 pairs

Cabbage Collars £1.44 for 30

Soil tester kit             £1.30


Perlka came to our attention after one of the excellent winter talks and is successfully used by keen and committed growers to improve yield, quality of crop, soil fertility and structure, microbial activity and resistance to such diseases as club root in brassicas. It is also recommended to replace separately liming the ground as early reactions release lime to the soil.

We are especially proud of being able to offer Perlka at what we believe is a stunningly low price!

It is, of course, wise to take note of and follow sensible precautions when using fertilisers such as Perlka, particularly in terms of amount and methods of application. See here, for example


If you are interested in joining Cheslyn Hay Community Allotments, details are here:

The shop will be open between 10.30 a.m. and midday every Saturday and Sunday from now until further notice: a big thanks to our “customers” and to the volunteers who run the whole shebang.

Cake and Cuppa: The Raised Beds

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Sunday, 13th April: at last the raised beds are officially opened by local councillor Mike Lawrence.

Three years in the planning and a year of hard work and adaptation, with help from the local business and trade community.

Our thanks to;

HSS Tool Hire,

Landywood Concrete,

Finnings, Eaton’s,

Kelsall’s Building Supplies…

and all of those who joined in the work parties (hope it feels like it was worth it).

A special thanks to the staff at SSCVA (now Support Staffordshire).

And finally the work was funded with a grant from Staffordshire County Council’s Community Wellbeing Fund.

High Standards, Well Done to All.

DSC00021 If you are a member of any allotment association you will know- and may well live in some fear of – the “plot inspectors”! However, you will also -and probably equally so – be aware of the “Poorly tended plot next-door”. The task of the plot inspectors is not always a happy or smooth one: to be sure. It is an essential job however, ensuring that plots are cultivated and in good state, making note of where (this is certainly the case at Cheslyn Hay) a plotholder might need help, checking security (broken into sheds for example) and making sure that access is good to all plots and health and safety of plotholders is, as far as is possible, not endangered. So … … the excellent news from our site team is that standards are very high at the moment. With a spell of warm weather promised it seems that most of us are well up-to-speed with keeping the ground in order.   There are a few paths that are causing concern, however. Be aware that the path on the right hand side of your plot -as you look out from the central roadway – is your responsibilty. That -and … keep up the good work!


Cake and a Cuppa …

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Thanks to everyone who supported the day today.

The cheeky photos above were taken during the setting up: these things do not prepare themselves and show some of the behind-the-scenes happenings.

A special thanks to everyone who provided cakes (and refreshments): this is done at no expense to the allotments and involves time, effort and expense …

and those cakes ?

Hmmm, such quality.

Heard somebody saying “better than National Trust cakes. And so much cheaper.”

Thank you bakers, one and all.

All proceeds go to West Midlands Air Ambulance Service.

This was voted for at our October A.G.M. as our adopted charity of the year.

Coming Up: Coffee/Cake, Shop and Raised Beds (Official Opening)


Coffee and Cake/“Swap Shop”

Kick off the growing season today 13th April

Grab a cake

A cuppa and a bargain

From 10 a.m.

air ambulance1 air ambulance

At the October A.G.M. members voted to support the West Midlands Air Ambulance again this year. This is becoming our traditional charity – we raised a healthy £100 for them last year and would love to increase that amount this year – with your help of course. It is well worth remembering that this service is totally supported by charity donations and is a worthwhile cause.


Cake sale: Cakes supplied by some of the best bakers Cheslyn Hay has to offer.


 Shop sale (some items reduced).


If you’ve never been inside the shop, it’s time to take a look.

We also have the allotment library in the shop: books and magazines packed with advice – to read on the plot, or to borrow and bring back (an idea suggested at the A.G.M)

 Official Opening of Raised Beds and “new look” community area (11 a.m.)