New Beginnings?


That really is no kind of a title when writing an introduction for a piece of ground that has been allotments since at least 1892! The time of Queen Victoria and historical marvels and inventions: the nearby Black Country the Staffordshire coal fields and agriculture, the potteries of Stoke (not so far away), the saddleries of Walsall (still sending fine saddles and lorinery all over the world), the canals and Birmingham. Populations growing and moving faster and further than ever before.
The gifting of a piece of local land (“The Far Field”) to the community for use as allotments: the beginning of a community asset and a long-standing tradition (repeated all over the country)

But, as time marches on things inevitably change and so it has been with the image – and, indeed reality – of allotments and, indeed the people who “inhabit” them has changed and switched over time: essential land on which to grow produce to feed a family, Dig For Victory grounds, The Good Life, neglected overgrown wastelands …
Of course many allotment sites have closed down, but In Cheslyn Hay we hope to keep ours going in the county of Staffordshire in the English Midlands; to showcase here some of the sights and activities and pride we have in our plots.
the sheer variety of techniques and people who spend time there.
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