Anyone for Tea?


June? Flaming June?


You’re climbing into the car with threatening grey skies and messages of doom from the yesterday’s TV weather forecasts burned in your brain. You put off cancelling today’s planned event until today – thinking, just hoping that the poor weather will be gone – or part of something imagined.

Up at the community area and the others are there. Everybody’s smart phone seems to be giving a different local weather forecast. Mine says 90% chance of rain between 12 and 1 and 405 and less after that, Somebody else’s says the opposite …

But it’s about determination, and we are all about that.

“Let’s go for it!” 

The green and white gazebo – big enough to hold a Harrier jump jet, by the way – is erected; even though we may have some of the poles in, er … not quite the right places we can jam the cover on. No sooner done than: rain. Heavy! But we are dry. And there’s three hours before the event is due to start. Somebody finds the season’s first ripe strawberry; just the one mind you.

The new shed is christened. It’s sturdier, got a good floor, smells of new planed wood and will be ideal for preparing the sandwiches and tea. We MacGyver a roof for a washing up area.


Back at 2.30. Its warmer; in fact hot under the gazebo. The sky is blue. Gas burners set up. Kettles on. Bread being spread. The custom-built A-frame board is popped up outside to possibly attract “passing trade”.  Well, you just never know.



Twenty minutes later: people have turned up, are siting at tables chatting. The beekeepers who donated eggs. A man and his wife who live opposite the site, “just popped in to take a look …” and they’re glad they did. A cottage gardener. Family members. A big, friendly sun shines down on the community actions going on in the community area. Close to the raised beds (coming along nicely) this is the product of a lot of hard work which, when things like this are going on, was all worthwhile.


Heading home later: tired but satisfied, we’re all glad we didn’t call it off. Now what will the weather be like for the Cosford Airshow tomorrow?


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