What to do in June – 2


Reading back on last years’ post about what to do in June, you would have thought that I would have learned from my mistakes of not planting too many seeds due to running out of space.  No such luck!  If anything, I have even more trouble with space now as I have transplants for my sister’s new plot too!  

Any way, now that the weather is warming up, most plants can be placed outside but keep the fleece handy for a few more weeks yet just incase.  Us UK gardeners know only too well that frost can rear its’ head in late June!

Jobs to do………in June

  • Keep the hoe busy to get on top of the weeds.  Hoeing on a sunny day makes it easy as the weeds will die in the heat of the sun.
  • Continue to save water where you can.  The warmer weather will mean that…

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