Shop: Latest Bargains

Spring: the days are getting longer, the sun is shining and the site-shop is getting busy again – it’s that time of year.


If you need reminding, our price list (of top quality items) is here:

We believe that these prices represent very real value which we pass on to our members and cottage gardeners.

But, as always we are ready to listen and follow up suggestions of different items. Members attending the October A.G.M. are asked via a questionnaire if they would like to see anything new stocked in the shop.

We do listen!

Below is a list of the latest “new-stock” items and prices:

Slug Clear       (250 ml.) £5.50

Perlka            (1 kg)       £2.50

Rootgrow      £1.75

Gloves            £2 for 2 pairs

Cabbage Collars £1.44 for 30

Soil tester kit             £1.30


Perlka came to our attention after one of the excellent winter talks and is successfully used by keen and committed growers to improve yield, quality of crop, soil fertility and structure, microbial activity and resistance to such diseases as club root in brassicas. It is also recommended to replace separately liming the ground as early reactions release lime to the soil.

We are especially proud of being able to offer Perlka at what we believe is a stunningly low price!

It is, of course, wise to take note of and follow sensible precautions when using fertilisers such as Perlka, particularly in terms of amount and methods of application. See here, for example


If you are interested in joining Cheslyn Hay Community Allotments, details are here:

The shop will be open between 10.30 a.m. and midday every Saturday and Sunday from now until further notice: a big thanks to our “customers” and to the volunteers who run the whole shebang.


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