High Standards, Well Done to All.

DSC00021 If you are a member of any allotment association you will know- and may well live in some fear of – the “plot inspectors”! However, you will also -and probably equally so – be aware of the “Poorly tended plot next-door”. The task of the plot inspectors is not always a happy or smooth one: to be sure. It is an essential job however, ensuring that plots are cultivated and in good state, making note of where (this is certainly the case at Cheslyn Hay) a plotholder might need help, checking security (broken into sheds for example) and making sure that access is good to all plots and health and safety of plotholders is, as far as is possible, not endangered. So … … the excellent news from our site team is that standards are very high at the moment. With a spell of warm weather promised it seems that most of us are well up-to-speed with keeping the ground in order.   There are a few paths that are causing concern, however. Be aware that the path on the right hand side of your plot -as you look out from the central roadway – is your responsibilty. That -and … keep up the good work!



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