Planning Ahead.

So, finally we have received planning permission and can start work on the composting toilet and begin looking at the

other building. These will complement the “community area” by the raised beds. We are hoping that this area will become a focus for organised and informal get-togethers.

Actual plans for the toilets have been in place for some time and have included visiting Beaudesert Park Farm

to find out more about composting toilets. Our thanks to Mary for her invaluable assistance.

DSC02182 DSC02183

We also applied to the Woodland Trust for a free hedgerow pack and it arrived today. Planning permission says that we should – properly –

screen the toilet from neighbours and we will use the hedgerow to do this. It will also increase opportunities for wildlife (native hedgerow species)

including butterflies, ladybirds, songbirds etc.

It’s going to be a busy year this year.

A very real thanks to residents living in and around the  site for some wonderful support and to the Parish council for the role they have played and are playing in the

life of the allotments community.


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