Offer: Raised Beds Available.

Finally they are finished and waiting for somebody* to take them on.

We have been working on building five raised beds with associated level pathways as small, manageable plots for gardeners with disabilities, including those in wheelchairs.

This is a new venture for us and we are prepared to work with new gardeners in order to provide better facilities. Any advice you can offer will be valuable.

Each of the beds is 6 metres by one metre (or about eighteen feet by three feet) and two-and-a-bit feet high. Annual rent is an amazing £2.50 per bed;  named co-gardener can be added at an

additional annual cost of £3.

raised bed1

Each one is filled with soil enough to make a reasonable sized garden. What will you grow? That’s up to you. This is an allotment and you will rarely be short of advice or someone to talk with. Most of us agree that simply being outside is a beneficial therapy.

If you are interested and fancy having a go – or want to come and take a look – get in touch: either fill in the form below or ring our Chairman, Mick Powell (0797097812) to be part of an ambitious project.

Why not come and have a go?

*Stop the press: three of them have already been taken.


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