Rules of Cheslyn Hay Community Allotments

1. Members must abide with the constitution, membership agreement (where applicable) and rules of Cheslyn Hay Community Allotments.
2. Plot holders must keep their plot in a reasonable state of cultivation and tidiness. Following a plot inspection, any plot holders not doing so will receive a written notice requiring them to make a significant improvement within 28 days. If after 28 days, significant progress has not been made a final letter will be sent allowing a further 28 days to make a significant improvement otherwise their tenancy will be terminated.
3. On termination of their tenancy, plot holders will have 14 days to remove their personal property.
4. Deposits for plots and keys will only be returned on the production of a receipt and if the plot is in good condition.
5. Plot holders are primarily responsible for the path on the right hand side of the plot when viewed from the centre roadway Paths should be at least 2 feet wide (and not excessive).
6. The plot or any portion of it shall not be sub-let, underlet or assigned to another person. Named co-gardeners are allowed, but do not have automatic rights to becoming the next tenant of the plot should the existing tenancy cease.
7. The plot shall be used for growing vegetables, fruit or flowers. Chickens, rabbits and bees are permitted subject to approval by the committee.
8. The plot cannot be used for any trade or business. Surplus produce must not be sold unless it is an organised sale for the benefit of the Association or its chosen charity.
9. Sheds, greenhouses and polytunnels must not exceed 48 square feet. Only one greenhouse or polytunnel is allowed on a plot where a shed stands. Only one polytunnel per plot holder is allowed irrespective of the number of plots rented.
10. Plot holders must keep any hedges (for which they are responsible) trimmed, and sheds, greenhouses, polytunnels etc. in a reasonable state of repair.
11. Bonfires are only allowed on Fridays and the evening of November 5th. Only dry material should be burnt. Fires should not be lit if smoke is likely to drift towards Wolverhampton Road or nearby housing. They should never be left unattended and must be extinguished before the plot holder leaves their plot.
12. Hosepipes must only be used for filling water butts. When filling water butts plot holders should not unduly inconvenience other plot holders requiring water.
13. Plot holders must not deposit any rubbish or building materials on their plot or the site.
14. Plot holders must not be a nuisance to neighbours (plot holders or nearby residents).
15. Only plot holders’ dogs are permitted on site and must be controlled at all times. They should be kept on a leash when not contained within their own plot.
16. The allotment gates must always be kept closed and locked after entering or leaving the site.
17. Plot holders must not trespass upon other plots or take crops, produce, implements or other items from other plots.
18. Children must be made aware of the dangers on the site. Children must always be supervised. Plot holders must not allow their children to disturb other plot holders.
19. Plot holders must clearly number their plot.
Agreed at the AGM held on: 18th October 2012
Signed: ______________________ (Chair) Signed: ______________________ (Secretary)


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