Membership Agreement

Cheslyn Hay Community Allotments

Membership Agreement

AN AGREEMENT made on ________________

BETWEEN Cheslyn Hay Community
Allotments and
Name: __________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________
(“the Tenant”)

The Tenant agrees to take the allotment plot ________ on the allotment plan for an annual tenancy which ends on the last day of February.
The Tenant agrees to abide by the rules of the Association.
Termination of the Tenancy
The Tenancy of the allotment plot shall terminate:
a) following the death of the Tenant;
b) by the Association giving twelve months or longer notice to quit expiring on or before 6th April or on or after 29th September in any year (s.1(1)(a) of the Allotments Act 1922, as amended by s.1 of the Allotments Act 1950);
c) by the Tenant giving the Association 28 days written notice;
d) by the Association if the rent is in arrears for 40 days;
e) by the Association if the Tenant is in breach of the rules of the Association; or
f) by the Association if the Tenant acts in a manner which is not in keeping with being a member of the Association.

On Termination
On termination, the key to the site and membership card should be returned to the Association. The Tenant shall leave the plot in a clean and tidy condition and remove any personal items. Any such items left will deemed to have become the property of the Association. Items which, if removed, may be detrimental to the site such as slabs forming main pathways, may not be removed. If in the opinion of the Association, the plot has not been left in a satisfactory condition, any work carried out to return it to a satisfactory condition will be charged to the leaving Tenant (s.4 of the Allotments Act 1950). Any decision made by the Committee on behalf of the Association will be final and binding.

for and on behalf of the Association by:

by the said Tenant :



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