Hello and a warm welcome to the new web-site for Cheslyn Hay Community Allotments.
Established as allotments in 1892 the plots – 121 at last count – are situated between Pinfold Lane and the Wolverhampton Road in Cheslyn Hay, Staffordshire.
We are a thriving allotment community, with affiliated cottage gardeners and have members aged between seventeen and eighty plus.
Interesting to think, on a site so long in the making on how allotments go through trends and fashions.
When they were set up allotments were seen as a working man’s right and were of enormous benefits to whole families. Later they went through phases of belonging to clothed-cap pensioners
then were moved in on by “Good Lifers” … then, sadly neglected – and many sites closed down due to lack of interest.
Thankfully, while other allotments in Cheslyn Hay closed down ours kept going and now defies, challenges and re-defines (almost daily) preconceptions of stereotypes.
There are a whole range of gardening techniques practiced, a whole rainbow of advices to be sampled (how many best ways can there be of producing compost?), a mixture of characters and combinations: all supported by a calendar of events that are meant to be fund-raising, to support charities, show case our activities, simply be good fun – or all of these together! or just

In this blog we hope to present some impressions, and, dare I say it flavours of the site and our community.
Feel free to take a look at our blog, to comment and to drop in every now and then to see what has changed: you might be surprised.



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